Working to eliminate scammers and protect users.
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I am a YouTube content creator that works to remove scam companies and provide entertainment. Working with SPS to provide information to the community about these scams and ways to deter them. Sister site: TSU

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Tech Support Scam / Scammer finds i’m using a VM! – 1-866-462-4064 – Unknown

Today I call some tech support scammer who was able to find out I am using a virtual machine. —————————————————————-...

Tech Support Scam / Scammer wont give me their website! – 1-888-310-7601 – Unknown

Today I call a tech support scammer who wants me to pay before they give me their website information! —————————————————————-...

StopPhoneScammers | Some updates and the future of SPS

Channel: Devon Video: VMWare Video:

What happens when you pay a scammer?

Today I have another stream highlight where you will see what happens if you actually pay a tech support scammer...

Tech Support Scam / Tech scammer gets owned! – 1-844-711-3411 –

Today I call a tech support scammer who gets owned on her dumb fake scam pop-up! —————————————————————- Social media accounts:...

Tech Support Scam / 2 scammers connect on my pc! – +1-844-651-3777 – Unknown

Today I call a scammer pop-up and end up having two scammers connected to my one VM! —————————————————————- Social media...

Tech Support Scam / Clueless scammer exposed! – 1-844-784-4111 –

Today I call a tech support scammer that can’t even do his so-called “job” —————————————————————- Social media accounts: TSU:

Tech Support Scam / Trolling dumb tech scammers! – 18006360917 – None

Today I call and troll tech support scammer off of my Linux pc! —————————————————————- Social media accounts: TSU: BitChute:...