What to expect

So as of 12/20/16, you can see that a lot of the site isn’t very done yet. I have many ideas for the site and I plan to be a lot more active unlike I was with the previous version of the site. I do know that there are some things that already needs fixing but I have pretty much just made the site today so id say it’s about 1/5th of the way done so a lot more to go lol. I have already put some software back on the site which can be found Here. Some things I plan to do is have some tutorials relating to scammers which should have a video that will go along with them and for some I will be writing tutorials for such as how to make a vm and How to hide your ip address from scammers. I will also be adding new software that I will polish more unlike my old releases and I plan to remake the “are you a scammer” program and have it a bit more interactive and funny when messing aroud with scammers. I also will have news on the site so anything big or some small advances to scammers will be posted here so if you ever want to see what’s happening in the scammer world you can look here lol. for updates follow my twitter @ScammerRevolts or click this link Here.

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