SCAMMER BEGS ME NOT TO REPORT HIM! [Destroying a scammer’s PC]

Today we expose another scammer and DESTROY his pc so he can’t scam more people!

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Snap: ScammerRevolts

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2 Responses to “SCAMMER BEGS ME NOT TO REPORT HIM! [Destroying a scammer’s PC]

  • Hello.#SR.
    I just recently saw your downloads going after scammers. I want to say Thank you so much for what you do and teaching these people a lesson.As far as the scammer saying that he is sorry.That is BS.
    He will continue to go about his illegal ways. I was scammed back in August 2018 and I noticed the cash out of my account pretty fast.Alls good now.lesson learned.Again ty for your YouTube videos.U rock my friend.
    Chris Grant.Rancho Cucamonga CA

  • Hi there.

    I love youre video’s there so funny.
    And please expose the scammer! those $%#$#%

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