INFECTING A SCAMMERS LAPTOP! [Destroying a scammers PC]

Today we INFECT a scammer laptop with MEMZ!

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Snap: ScammerRevolts

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4 Responses to “INFECTING A SCAMMERS LAPTOP! [Destroying a scammers PC]

  • I’ve been binge watching your YouTube videos for a couple of days now and I gotta say; you rock dude! Those “scare” pop-ups and cold calls are annoying for me. But even more worry some is when I think of the close calls that less tech savvy friends had when they were almost scared or bullied into paying protection money. What impresses me even more is that you take the time to call and warn victims of scams of what happened. All the best to you in the new year.

  • Hi,
    I am an Indian and I can help you translate whatever the fuck these guys say.
    I am so happy that you fuck these guys up, Our government is so incapable of dealing with them. Please do share whatever details you get of these guys (photos or any audio too) and I will send the same to the cyber cell here for their prosecution.
    Please do tell me if you need any help from an Indian guy.

  • Hi guys… I too have been binge watching your scams…I have never laughed so hard as when I watch your videos…just one little thing…please watch your language… I understand you get hyped up and all but just be careful as young ears might be listening….I am so very glad that you are doing this…as a senior lady now I can see how many older people are exposed and taken in by these scams… I really don’t understand what you do but it’s fabulous you are there…. I can really see how much you are enjoying this…great job… Eva from Manitoba Canada

  • Hi there,
    You guys are doing excellent work. Keep it up. Also want to know in one of your video after you have hacked in to the scammers computer, you have tried to access his router/firewall using local IP and the login page has an image of “Techicolour”. Is that person trying doing al the scams from his work place. Techicolour is a big VFX/Post production house. Have you noticed that. Please comment.


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