How to find a scammers website information.

I get a lot of questions on how to find a lot of the information on scammers that I do in my videos now I’m not going to go through everything but well start with their websites. Most scammers have a fake address on their website to avoid being prosecuted. Although scammers usually use real information to buy their website domain such as so I use a tool called whois lookup you can find this tool Here the tool shows you registration details from the owner of the website domain some have protection from this tool but most don’t I will include a screenshot for a reference. If you enjoyed this little tutorial check out some of my others Here and be sure to follow my twitter: @ScammerRevolts

5 Responses to “How to find a scammers website information.

  • Player1
    3 years ago

    Awesome! Ty

  • Jason L Coker
    2 years ago

    Someone made a fake Amazon website and stole $2,000 from me how do I track them down anyone know?

    • ScammerRevolts
      2 years ago

      If you have any other info on them you can send me it through the contact tab and I can see what I can find out about them.

  • andy holloman
    2 years ago

    david – any way you can help us????? this scammer has taken a lot of money from mortgage pro’s……. i love your videos ….

    andy 919-971-4030

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