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I made this site to try and reach more people for the sake of helping slow down scammers and I have lacked a lot in the use of the forum and how many people it can help out if used right. I am going to start putting the full scammer’s info from each upload on the forum and if anyone has other information from scammers numbers, websites etc.. It would be very helpful if you put that in the forum so it can reach anyone looking up that said number or website.


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  • Hi you are not a scammer website I just did that so I could contact you about an idea I have. Lol. You should upload your videos here on your site that way you wanna curse show scammer camera you can and they can’t never be took down. I would pay the 10 dollars a month to view your videos and see a scammer camera. keep on the good work bro. And the number I post is 1-800-scammer

  • Mr lee grant staton
    2 months ago

    Hi scammer revolts your you tube channel is awesome iam a subscriber. To your channel. Your scamming videos are excellent. And allso your other none scamming videos are good as well. My name is lee grant staton iam from chellaston derby in the uk.chellaston is a place in the uk.

  • My poor elderly mother got scammed out of 800$. She has a google ad virus on her phone. She looked up a google support # on her phone, which ended up being a tech scammer. They had her goto walmart several times and buy a total of 4 x 200$ (800$ total) in google play cards. I was wondering if you could waste this scammers time, and delete his files, and post on youtube. My moms pretty depressed and feels stupid, and I hope some sort of revenge will make her feel a little better. Their # is 8333140111. They’re in India.

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