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02/02/2017 8:36 am  

Loving the new site and the forum!  Hope to be a relatively active member even though my scambaits are in the form of texts (email).

Anyway, I just have two suggestions and I know these are in the wrong section and that's where one of my suggestions come into play:


1) Could we get a "Suggestion / Help" section relating to the forum and website?  That way, if people have suggestions (like me) or need to report an issue with either the forum or website they could do so without clogging up other sections of the forum (like me).

2) Could we get a "general" chat area?  A place to talk about things non-scammer related?  Would be fun to socialize with others who share the same interests of getting scammers rekt.


Thanks for taking a look! 🙂

Yes sir, do one thing...

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04/02/2017 7:10 pm  

I will make the site suggestions area but for the general section that is the open talk section 

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20/03/2017 1:08 pm  



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